How it works - What is Seikka

What is Seikka?

Seikka's your go to for active and outdoors gear hire and experiences.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

If it's active, outdoors and makes you feel alive, connected and free you'll find it at Seikka. What you need, when you need, where you need it.
The like minded community of people just like you and I keen to get out and about and do more of what we love!

Live your #Seikkawayoflife and unlock the fun at your fingertips.

Feel the freedom of endless opportunities. Whether exploring your own backyard or further afield, you will be making memories and living your best life in just a few clicks of a button. The rapidly expanding community and awesome offerings will have you wishing you were here years ago.

Seikka - It's a way of life.

Why Seikka?

One Stop Shop

Activities, gear hire and insights all in one place. Your one- stop lifestyle shop with gear found nowhere else.


Local gear, local knowledge, local feel. Like-minded people who love getting out and about just as much as you do. The global space where we're all locals.

Verified members

Members are verified and onboarded by the team at Seikka so you can be comfortable in who you’re dealing with.

Safe and Secure

Start to finish, we've got you covered. Systems and processes right the way through to protect you and your hard earned.

We've made it pretty simple

Providers list gear and experiences on Seikka.
Manage it all direct through Seikka or continue using an existing booking management system, totally up to you.

Customers find and book what they want, when they want, where they want. Super simple process and all through the safety of the trusted hire platform.

Don't Dream It, Live It

From a casual, family self-drive day on the water to catered tours for family adventures or solo expeditions.
From a few hours or a day session to long weekends and extended trips, being in the Seikka world gives you access to the dream gear, local vibes and memory making jaunts others only dream of. It's all at your finger tips.

Get active, get outdoors, get those memories made.
Live the #seikkawayoflife.

Find out more

Check out our FAQs, Providers or Customers pages or feel free get in touch at or 1300 284 204 and we'll have you sorted in no time.

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