SUP - How to choose the right Stand up paddle board

Author: Rhett Sullivan

15th May 2020


Assuming you are new to stand up paddle boarding there are few things worth knowing in relation to choosing the right SUP.  There are a range of different types of SUP Boards -

All round. Far left

Surf / high performance. Centre left

Open ocean / Touring. Centre right

Inflatable. Far right

I suggest starting on an All-rounder in calm, flat water with minimal wind.

The size of the SUP Board is important.  They are generally measured in Litres of volume.

To get the right board size as a beginner you can multiply your body weight by 2.  For example;  someone who weighs 80Kg should use a 160 Litre SUP.

If the size is to small you will tend to sink the board and fall off excessively.