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How it works

Create listings

Do it yourself in just a few minutes or have the team at Seikka do it for you. We can even import direct from elsewhere.

Accept Bookings

Check out and approve booking requests as they come in or just set this to 'instant' and skip this step all together.

Meet and Greet

Say hey, shake hands, put a smile on some dials with your gear and/or experiences and have an awesome time.

Cash in

See the cash in your bank account and you're ready to go again.

Listing with Seikka

  • You set your own prices.

  • Set ‘instant' bookings or approve every request before it’s locked in, totally up to you.

  • Look after anything you need from your simple dashboard.

  • Set your own availabilities and block out periods as you need.

  • Bookings and availabilities can be integrated straight into a number of external booking management systems if you already have something. Just let us know what you're using.

  • Cash goes straight to your nominated bank account and can be updated by you at any time.

  • Quality users verified to meet the platform ID requirements.

  • Gear condition inspections and photos can be imported pre and post hire to make sure things are as you left them.

  • Pricing and availabilities can be automatically brought in and kept updated from a number of external sources. You might be surprised where we can update from - Just ask if we can accomodate.

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    Check out our FAQs, Providers or Customers pages or feel free get in touch at or 1300 284 204 and we'll have you sorted in no time.

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